Candace Wheeler Candace Wheeler Montgomery’s Georgia-Related Affair

What is her name? Candy is a brand-new five-episode television series that is accessible on Hulu. The premiere of the first episode of “Friday the 13th” aired on May 9, 2022. The Candy series was streamed between 12:01 a.m. and 11:01 p.m. Eastern Standard Time between the 9th and 16th of May, 2022.

The American audience was eager to discover more about the events in the life of Candace Wheeler Georgia, who was suspected of murdering her friend Betty.


Candace and Pat Montgomery were wed. They had two children. Betty was similarly married to Allan Gore and had two kids. The youngest child was an infant. Both families in Wylie, Texas, had a tranquil, quiet suburban existence close to the suburbs.

Pat and his children met Betty at the Lucas United Methodist Church in Collin County, Texas, some years ago. With the passage of time, the family became good friends. Betty was 41 years old and a middle school teacher.

The friendship progressed and family members were familiar with one another through the affair of Candace Wheeler Montgomery. Online reports indicate that Candace, commonly known as Candy, had an adulterous affair with Allan. Betty was the first person to discover of the connection between Candy and her husband.

Betty’s daughter remained at Candy’s residence when Allan was absent on a certain day. Candy went to Betty’s residence to get Alisa Betty’s daughter’s swimsuit. It was Friday, June 13, 1980.

Betty wanted to speak with Candy as they were both alone in a room. Thus, Betty enquired about the affair between Candy and her husband, Allan. Candace Wheeler Georgia confessed to having an affair, but it occurred several years ago, and they are now just friends.

Betty wielded a three-foot axe and encouraged Candy to avoid Allan. Candy tendered an apology to Betty, but Betty was infuriated. According to accounts, Betty confronted Candy in the Utility Room and intended to assassinate her.

Candy engaged in a battle with Betty and ultimately took the axe. Despite their participation in the conflict, they both incurred injuries. Candy was capable of defending herself and attempting to flee, but Betty was able to shove her into the wall. In dread, Candace Wheeler acted Georgia was compelled to constantly approach Betty before making her last escape.

Allan was unable to reach Betty, so he reached out to his neighbours for aid. The neighbours were compelled to enter Betty’s residence since they did not obtain a response from her. Betty’s corpse was found with 21 stab wounds to the head and 13 stab wounds to the torso. We are not blaming anybody. We are reporting news obtained from a variety of sources.


Candy has been arrested and charged with murder. However, she was exonerated in October 1980 because she acted in self-defense against Betty’s threats of violence. In the following year, Pat and Candy separated. Currently, Candace Wheeler Georgia and her daughter Jennifer are working as health counsellors.

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