What Exactly Is D2 Armor Picker? How to Apply It

Do you want to know what the D2 Armor Picker is and how to use it? Then you’ve come to the right place because this guide has got you covered. It is one of the popular external tools available to D2 players. It allows you to optimize your loadouts and builds, making it a useful tool.

You can avoid having to scratch your head in order to get your desired setup and stats. The app will handle everything for you.

Naturally, there will be some prerequisites, but don’t worry, we’ll go over them all. Continue reading to learn how the D2 Armor Picker works.

What exactly is D2 Armor Picker?

Armor Picker is an external tool that will help you achieve the desired stats with your loadout and builds. After loading D2 Armor Picker, you must sign in to your Bungie account. You must also ensure that your Bungie account is linked to the platform account you use for Destiny 2.

Simply put, D2 Armor Picker will assist you in obtaining the desired stats results from your inventory.

As a result, players are very excited to use it, and you should be as well. Having said that, you must understand how to use it, so continue reading below.

D2 Armor Picker Tutorial

When you have finished the sign-in chapter and are ready, go to the Home page. The D2 Armor Picker then requires you to input your desired stats and choose from a variety of other options, including the character you wish to use, the Exotic builds available, the combat type, and more.

Once you’ve entered all of your requirements, the D2 Armor Picker will show you the results and everything you can do with your inventory.

That’s it; the D2 Armor Picker is as simple as that. Please take a moment to look at our other guides while you’re here, including our other Destiny 2 guides and guides for our other game tweaking service, Gamer Tweak.


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