Using Windows 10 Remote Desktop Connection

Windows 10 remote desktop is a simple process that lets technicians, as the name suggests, access a Windows device from afar and do a certain task, like fixing a problem. Windows has always been the business operating system of choice because it is cheap, easy to set up, maintain, and get help for. Operating systems need to be set up, kept up to date, monitored, and given patches. Microsoft Windows has all the infrastructures it needs to work on any number of computers, whether it’s 50, 500, or 50,000.

When it comes to supporting computers in a business, technicians may have to fix problems for end users no matter where they are in the world so that work can get done. This is a good time to use Windows remote desktop connection. The remote desktop services that come with Microsoft Windows (Windows remote desktop Connection) can be used to access and get information from one computer to another computer anywhere in the world.

Features of Remote Access Plus’s Windows 10 Remote Desktop

Remote Access Plus comes with next-generation remote desktop sharing and a set of over 12 diagnostic tools that can be used to access and troubleshoot Windows, Mac, and Linux computers from a single screen.

windows 10 remote desktop

Remote desktop connection

Remote Access Plus’s remote desktop connection lets you connect to any computer in the world. It also has quick-launch tools, the ability to switch between multiple monitors, the ability to record remote sessions for auditing purposes, the ability to disable end-user inputs so they don’t get in the way of troubleshooting, automatic log-off settings for security, and more.

Wake on LAN

With Remote Access Plus, you can wake up computers in the same subnet or in a different subnet right away. You can even schedule a “wake on LAN” task to wake your computers automatically during troubleshooting and productive hours.

Remotely turn off

With Remote Access Plus, you can get a list of all the computers that are on but have no one using them. You can then shut them down. You can turn off many computers at once, and you can also set up a task to turn off computers that aren’t being used after work hours.

Text, voice, and video chat

The best way to fix computer problems quickly is to get to the root of the problem. Voice, video, and text chat are all built into Remote Access Plus, so you can talk to the end user and find out everything you need to know about the problem.

Diagnostic tool kit to fix problems without slowing down work.

Starting remote sessions to solve problems could have a big effect on how productive end users are. Remote Access Plus comes with more than 12 diagnostic tools, such as Command prompt, Task Manager, Event Viewer, Registry, Device Manager, File Manager, and more, that can be used to troubleshoot computers without starting remote sessions.

How does Windows remote desktop work?

windows 10 remote desktop

Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is used to run the Windows remote desktop connection, which is also called terminal service. The RDP servers and remote desktop service software are built into Windows computers, so you can use the computer name and credentials to connect to other Windows devices from afar. The client computer starts talking to the host computer by using the Windows RDP server. The RDP server provides the graphical interface over a network connection, and the software that runs on RDP is called remote desktop service.

How do I enable Windows 10 remote desktop?

  1. If you choose Remote Access Plus on-premise, you will need to download and set up the server.
  2. If you choose Remote Access Plus cloud, all you have to do is sign up for a server.
  3. The next step is to put agents on the machines that will be used as targets (clients).
  4. Using the Remote Access Plus server, you can take control of any computer with a Remote Access Plus agent by connecting to it remotely.

Once these steps are done, please do the following to take control of any client machine remotely:

  • On the Home tab, you can search for the computer’s name or just pick it from the drop-down list.
  • Once the name of the target computer is shown, move your mouse over it and click the Connect button.

Using Remote Access Plus, you have successfully taken control of the target computer from afar. Find out more about connecting to remote desktop.

Questions and Answers about Windows 10 Remote Desktop Connection

What is the Windows Remote Desktop?

Microsoft has built-in software called Windows Remote Desktop that lets you access a Windows computer from another computer. To do this, you will need to know the user name and the name of the computer. Windows Remote Desktop does not work with platforms other than Windows. To make up for this shortcoming, Remote Access Plus lets you access your Mac, Linux, or Windows device from anywhere.

What is a Windows 10 remote desktop connection?

Windows 10 RDC is a way for one Windows computer to connect to another Windows computer remotely. It is a free feature from Microsoft that lets users access files or software on a computer that is in a different place and work on them there.

How to pick the right Windows remote desktop software?

The right Windows remote desktop software will have the following:

  • Good performance with less use of bandwidth.
  • From one console, you can look at multiple monitors.
  • Use-friendly.
  • Offer diagnostic tools like Task Manager that can be used from afar.
  • You can easily use both the command prompt and the power shell.
  • Help for all platforms.

Is there no cost for Windows Remote Desktop Connection?

Yes, it is free if you use the standard RDP in Windows 10. Remote Access Plus is a free version of remote support software that does everything.

Is it safe to use Windows Remote Desktop Connection?

Most of the time, Windows Remote Desktop Connection is set up over a secure channel. But RDP has also had problems in the past. So, make sure your business is well protected with VPN and a firewall to improve security.

How do I connect to other PCs from my Windows?

With just a few clicks, Remote Access Plus makes it easy to access and control remote PCs from your Windows 10 computer. Please do the following:

  • Go to Remote Access Plus and sign in.
  • Choose the PC you want to work on from the drop-down list or look for it.
  • Once the name of the target PC is shown, hover over it. A list of choices will show up.
  • Please choose “Connect,” and then you can see and control the target computer right away.

What versions of Windows does Remote Access Plus work with?

With Remote Access Plus, you can set up a Windows Remote Desktop Connection for the following Windows operating systems:

Windows OSWindows Server OS
Windows 10Windows server 2016
Windows 8.1Windows server 2012 R2
Windows 8Windows server 2012
Windows 7Windows server 2008 R2
Windows VistaWindows server 2008

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