The 15 best alternatives to CoolROM in 2022

Do you like to play old games on your computer or mobile device? Then you’ve probably heard of

CoolROM is the biggest place on the internet to find information about old games.

The platform has thousands of games (ROMS) that can be played with the latest emulators. Most games have well-organized screenshots and menus that make it easy to move around.

It makes you feel old to talk about CoolROM! Don’t forget Dandy and Sega. Now, these games are considered classics of the past. Even though some retro games are older than 20 years, they are still popular. used to be where people went to play old games, but that’s no longer the case. CoolROM has a rating of 1.9 stars from people who have used it. This means that most of the people who use it are not happy with it.

Its users complain about viruses, which may be why you’re looking for an alternative. We have put together a great list of sites that are very similar to CoolROM and will give you the same or even better experience.

The best alternatives to CoolROM

1. Vimm’s Lair


One of the best alternatives to CoolROM is Vimm’s Lair. The site is always being updated, and it’s all about looking back on some of the best games ever made.

The beautiful web-based software comes with, among other things, a full-color manual, scans, codes, and data.

The platform also has boards, such as a message board for emulation, a request board for RomFinders, a miscellaneous board for posts, and a project board for manual projects.

Vimm’s is different from CoolROM in that it has an extra section where users can review and rate the site. In the review section, there is a quick and easy way to separate honest reviews from those written by people who are just wasting time.

The site has thousands of games that work perfectly on PCs and smartphones of today. The ROMs at Vimm’s are safe because they have been checked with No-intro or Redump. You can talk about your thoughts, read reviews of games, and look for codes on Vimm’s.

Emulation software on the site makes it easy to give any old game a second chance, and there are more than 30 emulators on the platform. This amazing platform has a library of games and consoles that are easy to find and use.

If you need help, you can always look at the instructions. The site also tells you when some games were made, so you can search by title or year. You have to sign up with an email address to use the site.


  • It lets you find what you need, whether it’s information or a game
  • The site is legitimate and safe.


  • To play games from this site, you have to download the emulator.
  • Vimm’s Lair costs nothing.

2. OpenEmu


OpenEmu is another great website that Mac users will enjoy more. Unlike CoolROM, OpenEmu has a joystick that looks like a keyboard and lets you move around the site.

The platform takes codes from the best emulators and puts them into an excellent interface. This gives you a nearly perfect emulation for all supported platforms. Additionally, OpenEmu offers distinct emulators for every system.

After a long time in beta testing, OpenEmu came out in 2013. Since then, there have been a lot of updates to the platform, and the people who make it say they will release even more consoles in the future.

The best thing about OpenEmu is how it can be set up. There are many settings on the platform that let you change the emulator to fit your needs. Even though the site has a retro theme, it is modern and well-organized so that you can find what you need quickly.

OpenEmu works a little bit better than CoolROM because of a small change it made. OpenEmu can work with other similar sites to share emulators that can be used to play any old game.

For example, if one emulator can’t finish a task, the site can choose another one that can.

OpenEmu is a free and open-source project whose goal is to make game emulation on MacOS as good as it is on other platforms.


  • OpenEmu puts most of your home-made and backup ROMs in one place, which makes them easier to organise and look through.
  • All games run at their usual size on OpenEmu cores.
  • OpenEmu acts like what iTunes does for old games.


  • It’s only for people who own a Mac.

3. Free ROMS


This is the place to go if you want to find a gaming site where you can download your favourite ROMs for free with just one click. Free ROMS is a great alternative to CoolROM that is easy to use.

As the name suggests, the site’s downloads are free. There are no ads or fake downloads on the site. CoolROM is a database for both emulators and ROMs. Free ROMS, on the other hand, is just a site for ROMs.

The interface of Free ROMS is unique and easy to use, which makes it easy to find your ROMs. Like CoolROM, the site has every popular gaming console, such as Atari, Genesis, NES, Amiga, and Wonderswan.


  • It’s easy to use.
  • Downloading ROMs just only one click.


  • Advertisements can be annoying

Free ROMS gives away ROMs for free, but it also has coupons for discounts. With the first coupon, you can save 10% on all store purchases. The second coupon is for $20 to $100, and you can get it by putting in your email address.

Most of the time, the site has deals on a huge number of games, from Wonderswan to amigo. You have 30 days to return the item and get your money back if you don’t like it.

4. The ROM Warehouse


The ROM Depot is a great alternative to CoolROM that lets you download all old classic video game ROMs, ISOs, and emulators for free.

Also called “dedicated to keeping old software running,” You can store, upload, and download any ROM file or emulator for any operating system on the ROM Depot. Like CoolROM, the ROM Depot has a large number of ROMs and a fast bandwidth.

With the help of a powerful and compatible cloud tool, the site lets you download quickly, and you can get to it from any device with good graphics quality, such as a smartphone, PC, tablet, iOS, and many others.

The goal of making this site was to make sure that innovative consoles that support simulations work well in a traditional playing context. The ROM Depot posts a report of the antivirus scan, which is something that the CoolROM site does not do.

On the site, you can also find many files, like soundtracks, manuals, emulators, boxart, and much more, that give you extra commands while running games.


  • It gives you access to a very large number of ROMs.
  • It gives you a warning about security and a report on an antivirus scan.


  • To upload or download ROMs, you have to sign up for an account.
  • Since ROM Depot is free, anyone can add to it.

5. Romance


Like CoolROM, RomUlation will take you back to your childhood. The website is made up of about 30,000 old games, and the best thing about it compared to CoolROM is that the games are safe to play after simulation.

You can find games for most of the consoles out there, and the app lets you try something new from their list of top games.

RomUlation was started in 2003, and since then, users have been able to use ROMs and emulators to play games with different requirements based on how well the system works.

The site also has a lot of graphic animation-supporting components that you can use to change hundreds of console programmes and save them in different ways.

Sign up for an account with your full name, email address, and a password if you want to talk to people online.

The way this site is set up is what makes it stand out. For example, all of the downloadable sources are arranged in a way that makes it easy to install them. This is done by grouping them by volume, system name, space, and ratings.


  • You can take part in forum conversations.
  • People who don’t know how to emulate games can get a free guide.
  • Help with technical issues
  • Using a sleek and simple interface


  • The free plan has limits on how much you can download and how fast you can do it.

A RomUlation Premium plan is better because it lets you download any file on the site as much as you want. The three-month premium membership, which costs $19.99, is a better deal than the monthly premium membership, which costs $9.99.

6. CDRomance

In the 1980s and 1990s, kids thought it was normal to play video games and other games with a remote control. The happiness and satisfaction we felt back then can’t be matched.

The innovative site for video games lets you play games from CDs and DVDs on your device without any problems.

CDRomance has many features for sound quality, while CoolROM’s main goal is to provide several parts that support heavy context with access to graphics.

You can download console-friendly formats like Redream and Reicast for your Android device, as well as SEGA CD Bios for PicoDrive, Retropie, and other devices.


  • CDRomance has a fun interface that changes from day to night.
  • Allows you to save


  • DVD and CD are outdated

You may download ROMs without charge at CDRomance.

7. Emuparadise


One of the safest CoolROM alternatives is Emuparadise, which offers enormous yet exceptional ROMs with trustworthy connections to guarantee that you only download secure downloads. The website offers ROMs, ISOs, music, and other game extensions so that you may play a variety of games.

The primary benefit of this website over CoolROM is that you can play classic games directly from the browser window without having to download or use an emulator.

The website also offers a vast archive of publications, vintage game announcements, and TV programmes that let you go back in time and discover the fascinating past of your favourite retro games.

A substantial selection of classic video games that everyone has played since childhood may be found in the game area. Additionally, the website offers soundtracks from games that have earned legendary status.

This website’s video area, where you can see films on game development and production, is what you’ll find most fascinating. You may contact game creators via the support area, and the tutorials section provides instructions on how to complete games.


  • The community section allows you to communicate with fellow retro game lovers
  • Modern and cosy design
  • The site is safe


  • Full access to the news section is only available to registered users only Everything is free and safe.

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8. LoveRoms


Another intriguing CoolROM substitute with more than 100 old-school games is LoveRoms. Open any tab with the game to obtain the extra information that is included in each game.

Compared to CoolROM, LoveRoms provides more information about the games, including the names of the game’s creators, the game’s release date, its system requirements, and a download link.

The website is simple to use. The website will locate matches if you provide the game’s complete name. The website’s footer has extra tabs that provide further information, such as the privacy statement, ad blocker, and guidelines.


  • The layout is simple and contemporary.
  • The site’s navigation is simple.
  • There is nothing extraneous there.


  • Nintendo console ROMs are no longer available on LoveRoms.

You may get your favourite ROMs and extras for free from the lovely vintage games website LoveRoms.

9. Rom Hustler


Rom Hustler and CoolROM have many similarities. The website provides a huge selection of organised, well-sorted old games for every system.

You may search for emulators and ROMs with amazing functionality and a fantastic UI by typing a keyword into the best ROM resource. Rom Hustler guards against harmful software and fraudulent operations, unlike CoolROM, which has been deemed risky.

Because Rom Hustler has positive ratings and reviews, you shouldn’t be concerned about its security. Every time you visit the website, you will see the top 10 games since game ratings are changed every week.

The main goal of this platform is to improve user exposure to various games on portable computers. The news section is updated on occasion as well.


  • The site is secure.
  • The information provided is accurate.


  • Has adverts of poor quality
  • strange interface
  • Dead connections are likely to appear.

You may get free ROMs for the GBA, NDS, PSX, N64, SNES, and more systems with Rom Hustler.

10. Dolphin Emulator


For the GameCube and Wii, Dolphin Emulator is a free and open-source emulator. The fact that this website is dedicated to classic video games and has been translated into English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian is intriguing.

You may be confident that Dolphin Emulator creators utilise the host from Google. The weekly updates that address bugs and find mistakes provide Dolphin Emulator a greater safety edge than CoolROM.

Additionally, the website’s video lessons cover the fundamentals of ROMs and emulation. Check the site’s system requirements as well as the news, and maybe most intriguingly, the availability of any emulator version.


  • The best Android smartphone for GameCube and Wii gaming
  • The platform is high performance optimised and operates on Linux, Windows, and MacOS.


  • Version instability brought caused by frequent releases

11. The aged laptop


One of the safest CoolROM alternatives you can discover online is The Old Computer. You may search and play classic games on the website on your computer or mobile device while having a backup.

The appealing, simple-to-install and download database of ROMs is what further distinguishes it from CoolROM.

There are about 500 thousand ROMs on the Old Computer website. The website also includes a selection of vintage gaming-related films, publications, books, encyclopaedias, and much more.

Additionally, the website has more than 170,000 members that have registered, and you are welcome to join them. With the platform, you can add richness and colour to every conversation and talk about your favourite games and their future.


  • Clear interface
  • The primary menu is simple to use.
  • The website’s database is 4000GB Large


  • For access to all features, an upgrade is required.

Although the website is free, if you want full access, you must apply for the unlimited trust, which costs $20 per month.

12. ROM World


Like CoolROM, ROM World is a well-liked internet site for ROMs and emulators. The website provides ROMs for a variety of emulators so you may play rusty but still very valuable childhood games.

The website regularly updates its portfolio and adds new games. For clarification, the website’s creators also uploaded photos.

Users like this site since it provides a download speed after selecting the console system, which is likely what will lead you to pick it over CoolROM.

There are three types of speed: slow, fast, and fastest. The emulator’s tab includes a detailed explanation of how they operate.


  • The question-answer tab and clear instructions allow you to learn more about the gameplay simulation.
  • There are articles available to help you comprehend the games.


  • The website ROM World provides free ROMs for download, although it does not replicate well-known games like Mario or Pok√©mon.

13. Gamulator


Gamulator is a platform that supports animation and allows users to download different game emulators based on their computer’s compatibility. Gamulator is one of the top websites for users of new-generation ROMs due to its huge collection of games and ongoing updates.

The modern website guarantees that you may access the most recent games and is not only easy to use but also has an updated look.

Gamulator is available if you’re searching for safety that CoolROM was unable to provide. Additionally, the website protects your devices against malware, viruses, and extra notification pop-ups.



  • Since the website is still in its infancy, it can take some time to develop its content.

Retro ROMs for the GBA, GBC, NES, SNES, PSP, PS1, PS2, and other systems are available for free on the website Gamulator.

14. Romspedia


With the help of Romspedia, a sizable encyclopaedia for ROMs and ISOs, you can learn more about classic games from their covers and sounds to their download options. Unquestionably one of the greatest CoolROM alternatives, Romspedia has a large selection of classic games.

The direct downloads from this website without any exe files or viruses can persuade you to choose it over CoolROM.

Romspedia provides easy access to emulators that can run games using a variety of ROMs. You may get whole console ROM sets from Romspedia in a single download.


  • Ease of usage
  • Safe and provides quick download speeds for a variety of games


  • Advertising may be grating.

Free ROM downloads are available from Romspedia for Android, Mac, PC, and iPhone.

15. DopeROMs


On PC, Android, and iOS, DopeROMs enables you to play a variety of games. Additionally, the platform incorporates updated extensions in accordance with user preferences.

The default category of fundamental settings, such as manuals, vintage radio, box art, music for playback context, and different directives for section navigation, are included in the main menu.

This site has a remarkable feature that distinguishes it from CoolROM: it guarantees that you have continuous performance as a synchronised network with a variety of possibilities.

A unique feature of the platform allows you to play backups on your smartphone or smartphone. The website offers a wide variety of games, and you can use the search feature to locate the desired ROM.


  • Reliable and secure ROMs site
  • Play your preferred language’s version of your favourite game.


  • It takes time for new uploads to appear.
  • Sometimes, the website won’t respond.

For your phone, tablet, or PC, DopeROMs is readily accessible for quick, cost-free download.

Final Reflections of CoolROM

It’s possible that reading through CoolROM alternatives brought back some fond memories for you. Everyone used to love the CoolROM website, but since 2012, it has not been active.

Therefore, Vimm’s Lair is the site to visit if you’re seeking for a ROM site that is trustworthy, secure, and that lets you read reviews of other users’ experiences as you go.

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