Tech Review: Vantrue N4 Dashcam – Pros & cons

Dashcams are a must-have, and I tell people this every time I look at a new one, but they still don’t buy one. Some people I know have seen the bad side of this, but they didn’t buy one until it was too late. It’s never too late to buy a dashcam, and the N4 is one of the newest ones from Vantrue. It’s very similar to the N2S we looked at before, but it doesn’t have an app.

This is the newest dash cam from Vantrue, the N4. It is a 3-way triple car camera with IR night vision and a parking mode that works 24 hours a day.

The main things about N4 are:

  • Three-channel front, inside, and back dashboard camera
  • With Sony STARVIS, you can see infrared at night.
  • 247 parking mode (parking mode with collision detection and parking mode with motion detection).
  • Instead of a lithium battery, it has a Super Capacitor.
  • Modern technology evens out all areas of exposure, so a bright screen is less noticeable and darker videos look better.

Set Up

Setting up is easy, and it’s the same as setting up most dash cams on the market. If you’ve never set up a dash cam that needs a cable in the back of your car, the tools you need are in the box. Once it’s in place, you can leave it there and let it do its job. The rest is done on the front main camera unit, and we show you how in the video review below.

What you receive

The N4 has a 155° front camera, a 165° inside camera, and a 160° rear camera. The front camera can record at 1440P+1080P+1080P at 30fps, while the inside camera can record at 165°. In dual recording mode, you can capture 2560x1440P at 30fps in the front and 1920x1080P at 30fps inside the cabin or in the back. When used by itself, the front camera can smoothly record up to 1520p, which makes it easy to see licence plates and road signs.

This car camera has a Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor, a big F1.4 aperture 6-glass lens that looks at the road in front, and an F1.8 aperture 6-glass lens that looks at the road in back. It can automatically increase the exposure when it’s dark to get clear video footage, and it has 4 IR LED lights that face the car cabin and can capture the driver and passengers even when the cabin is completely dark. It’s perfect for rideshare drivers like Uber, Lyft, and Taxi.

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Who’s it for?

Everyone in Ireland gets ripped off by insurance cartels and false claims. This is perfect because it covers you from all angles (front, back, and inside), so there’s no reason not to have one. It’s also an investment, so if you don’t have a dashcam, get one now.

Motion or collision detection for 24 hours

With the energy-saving motion detection parking mode, the dash cam will be in sleep mode until motion is detected. Once motion is detected in front, the dash cam will wake up and get ready to record. With collision detection, if the car dash cam is off and an impact is detected while it is off, it will turn on automatically to record the impact. For parking mode, the 3 channel dash cam must always be connected to a hardwire kit (you can buy an extra one at ASIN B083XB8T7T) or an external battery.

After an impact, a variable-sensitivity G-sensor can lock videos into the event folder and keep the recording in a loop. When the card is full, it will overwrite the oldest file with a new one. The LCD will turn off automatically to avoid being a distraction. It can hold up to 256GB of external memory (not included, we recommend a Vantrue sd card), get firmware updates for improvements and new features, and use an optional GPS (B083XBS88L, sold separately) to track route, location, and speed.

Does it cost enough?

Yes, it is a more expensive dashcam, but it covers you from every angle and is easy to use. Most people only have a dashcam for the front window, but this one is much better and covers you all the way around.

See the video review below for more information. The company sent us this to review without paying us or asking for editorial input, and the company is seeing the review at the same time you are.

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