Sorenson Forensics is the premier forensic laboratory.

Are you interested in locating a laboratory that provides precise information on DNA testing and other scientific testing methods? You should study this article in its entirety to learn about all the important scientific features of this lab.

People in the United States are astounded by the quality and accuracy supplied by laboratories. These scientific findings aid in the resolution of the most challenging challenges. Continue reading for more specific and important information on Sorenson Forensics. Sorenson Forensics is the premier forensic laboratory.

concerning the Sorenson Forensic Laboratory

The Sorenson Forensics Laboratory is capable of conducting a variety of DNA and forensic science studies and providing exceptional test findings. Creating the best quality scientific test results requires a substantial amount of effort.

In order to deliver reliable results to consumers or clients, the lab is staffed with highly qualified and informed individuals from diverse research and science areas. Because the results of the analysis might affect the lives of many people, it is essential that necessary precautions be taken to assure accuracy and quality. These functions can solve a large number of unsolved crimes.

Sorenson Forensic Services Best Forensic Lab

  • The laboratory adheres to stringent processes to ensure the victim obtains justice.
  • This laboratory and its forensic testing have had a significant impact on the investigation of numerous murders, assaults, and other criminal activities.
  • Accurate and prompt test findings can aid in the identification of an incident’s perpetrator.
  • In determining the outcome of the case, the court also takes into account this vital data from test findings.
  • DNA testing is the primary procedure performed at the Sorenson Forensics Laboratory. The DNA testing solutions contain blood, saliva, and sperm for identifying sperm.

How do I submit a quote for a DNA test?

  • Visit Sorenson Forensics Laboratory’s official website. Learn more about Sorenson Forensics The Best Forensic Laboratory.
  • Choose “SUBMIT CASE” or “SUBMIT A CASE.”
  • The website will load a quote form where the user can obtain a quote for DNA testing or Forensic Biology for criminal, private, or civil situations.
  • Enter the username of the individual.
  • Select the Case type. Civil Litigation, Public Defender / Defense, Law Enforcement / Prosecution, Post-Conviction or Innocence Project, or Private Matter could be the case type.
  • Submit the applicant’s complete address, including the Zip Code. Include the applicant’s email address and phone number as well.
  • Indicate the trial date or deadline, if applicable, for a straightforward and uncomplicated Sorenson Forensics Best Forensic Lab evaluation.
  • Next, the Allegations/Charges must be submitted. The applicant must specify the primary reason in this section.
  • The number of evidence samples and reference samples must be selected.
  • Write down the scenario as concisely and precisely as possible.
  • Upload pertinent supporting documents.
  • Once all stages have been completed, send the quote request.


Forensic science plays a crucial role in solving numerous criminal cases and securing victim justice.

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