Expeditions: Rome’s companion characters can date, just like in any other full-fledged role-playing game. This can help you get closer to them and make them your friends. In Expeditions: Rome, romancing is easy. All you have to do is try to keep your companions’ good feelings toward you and choose romance dialogue options when you have the chance. There are a lot of friends in the game, but not all of them are easy to fall in love with. So, here’s how you can date in Expeditions: Rome and make your companions fall in love with you.

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The best way to get someone to like you in Expeditions: Rome is to keep them on your side and make sure they think highly of you. You can do this by making choices that fit with their personality, and then you can start to date them.

If you want to talk about romance, a golden heart will show up next to the dialogue options, so always look for that symbol and choose those options. Companions also have sexual preferences. Only male characters can date Julia, only female characters can date Bestia, and both male and female characters can date Caeso and Deianeira. The other two NPCs you can date seem to be the same. Only male characters can date Cleopatra, and only female characters can date Cato.

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Julia Calida is likely to be the first person you can fall in love with. When you first meet Julia, she is dressed as a soldier named Julius Calidus. She doesn’t tell you who she really is until the story goes on.

You need to earn Calida’s favour and make her like your character before you can choose to talk about romance with her. One easy way is to make choices that match her personality traits, which are: kind, smart, and proud. There are also certain times when you can make her like you, starting with when she tells you who she is.

Lucullus forces you to keep her in your party, but you can either welcome her with open arms or show that you don’t like the choice. If you choose the first option, it will make her like you a lot more and set the stage for a future romance. After she tells you who she is, it’s also important to talk to her back at the camp. As the story goes on, check back on her from time to time to talk to her and open up new dialogue options to find out more about her.

In the quest Divide and Conquer, there is an optional part where you can sneak into Mithridates’ Warcamp with Julia. This is your first chance to date her. When you get to the camp and talk to Julia, you can choose a romance dialogue option to flirt with her. From there, the next choice doesn’t show up until you’ve taken over Asia Minor and are back in Rome. Then you can ask her to move in with you. She should reject your advances, but don’t worry, it’s all part of the plan.


Keep going through the game until you reach Act II and the five-year time jump. If you want to meet your sister, go to the Roman market. Calida will help you out by distracting a senator who doesn’t like you. After that, go talk to her and you’ll have the chance to have another romantic conversation with her in which you tell her how much you’ve missed her. If you’ve done everything right so far, a random event should happen while you’re travelling around the African map that lets you go on a hunt with Calida.

There aren’t any specific options for romance, but you can show interest and talk about a relationship. Let her shoot the gazelles, then offer to carry the dead one back to camp. Then, move on to the next dialogue choice. When you get back to camp, she will eventually come to your tent, and you can decide whether or not to make it official and end the romance.

After that, she will come back to your tent at the outpost so you can talk to her again. This will give you a new trophy.

To sum up the process of Calida falling in love with Rome in Expeditions: Rome:

  • Choose actions that match the traits of Generous, Clever, and Arrogant, and be ready to accept her true identity when she tells you.
  • You can first choose a romance option with her in Mithridate’s Warcamp, where you can flirt with her.
  • Choose the second and third romance options in Rome, which are before entering the city and after the five-year time jump.
  • Lastly, wait for the random event to happen in Africa where you and she go hunting, and let her come into your tent at the end of the event.


You can also fall in love with Caeso, one of your most loyal soldiers and friends, but you have to wait until after the Morituri Te Salutant quest. Back at the camp, you can talk to Caeso about Deianeira. When you flirt with him, the first romance option shows up.

When you get back to Rome, you can meet up with him in the market to drink and celebrate winning in Asia Minor. Once you’re here, you can start talking to him and choose a romance option that tells him you’ve been “looking forward to having some alone time” with him.

After five years, when all of your friends come back to your villa, you get a second chance to date Caeso. You can tell Caeso that you’re glad he’s with you and that he makes you feel safe when you talk to him again.

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Cleopatra is a person you can fall in love with who isn’t a companion. When you first meet her, you will be on a mission to save her from a caravan that is holding her captive in the desert. When you bring her back to Lucullus’s manor, you can talk to her and start dating her.

The first choice is when she says you’ll get a reward for saving her, and you can basically ask to sleep with her instead of the armour. After this first talk, talk to her again and choose the conversation options about her being a god until you can call her divine.

From there, it took a long time to find the next romantic option with Cleopatra, but at the end of act two, you have to let her live. Once she gets back to Rome, she will use a carpet to sneak into your villa. It took some very specific steps to make it work, but you can finish the romance. There are a lot of them, so we’ll just list the numbers that match the dialogue options.

Choose option one, one, two, three, two, one, two, one, two, one, and then you can choose a romance option that will end your relationship with Cleopatra and give you a trophy.

To sum up the process of Rome falling in love with Cleopatra in Expeditions:

  • When Cleopatra initially approaches you at Lucullus’ home and offers you a prize, choose the first one.
  • Then, choose the discussion tree about how she is a goddess when you speak to her again. The second relationship choice is then yours to pick.
  • Lastly, let her live, and when she comes to your villa, choose dialogue options one, one, two, three, two, one, two, one, two, one, and then the final romance option to get the achievement.

That is our current guide to romancing in Expeditions: Rome. Don’t forget to come back and check as we add the other characters you can date.

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