Raja Syn is pretty, sexy, and works hard

As the old saying goes, Raja Syn doesn’t let any grass grow under her feet.

The model and influencer on Instagram got more than 300,000 followers in just one year. This puts her in the top tier of influencers on the popular platform. That’s not surprising, considering that her super-sexy poses are meant to get and keep the attention of her loyal fan vase.

It has led to work on other platforms, and she also gets paid to take pictures and make music videos. It’s exactly what her friends and family wanted for her when they told her she should think about becoming a model, even though it would be hard.

Smart and works hard

The beautiful Jamaican woman who grew up in Baltimore and the New York City borough of Brooklyn had a lot of choices.

Raja Syn finished high school a year early. At first, she thought about getting a degree in foreign language (she wanted to study Chinese), but then she decided she didn’t want to go to college. She was 17 when her friends and family told her she should move to California to become a model.

There, she worked hard for a few years to get known, especially on Instagram.

Raja Syn liked the platform, and after reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” she decided to become an influencer. The book gave her the drive to make a career for herself instead of working to help someone else get rich.

“I started to take influencing seriously that same month,” she said. “I thought it was impossible to get signed by an agency, so I used Instagram to build my brand. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

New goals, new territory

But after living in California for a few years, she decided to move somewhere else.

“I moved to Atlanta to start over because I learned that it’s the best place for a black girl to start a career in the entertainment business,” she said. Since then, Raja Syn has gone through a change of some kind. Her Instagram account has kept growing, making her one of the most influential people on Instagram.

Raja Syn is also thinking about different career paths, maybe so that she won’t have to spend so much time at the gym, where she works out hard to keep her curvy body perfectly shaped and toned. She said, “I want to be a TV star with my own show.” “I plan to write a book of my own soon. I can also sing, but I’m not really interested in a career in music. I’m just going where the universe takes me right now.”

Raja Syn is also thinking about putting out some workout plans for anyone who wants to try to keep up with her.

See what @rajasyn is up to on Instagram.


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