Download the Prince of Persia: Warrior Within ROM for the PS2

Download the Prince of Persia: Warrior Within ROM for the PS2. This game was made by Ubisoft and came out in 2006.

The Prince of Persia Warrior Inside is the sword-slashing sequel to Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, which won a lot of praise from critics. You are brought to a location where terrible things occur.

Why do you think is 'Warrior Within' the most loved game in the 'Prince of Persia' franchise, though it is the least critically acclaimed in the series? - Quora

Dahaka wants the Prince because she is an immortal version of Fate who wants divine revenge. To avoid his inevitable death, the Prince takes a dangerous and mysterious path. His journey leads him to the hellish centre of a cursed island stronghold where all of humanity’s worst fears are kept.

The Prince will only get better as a warrior and pass this ultimate test if he stays strong, doesn’t give up, and learns new, deadly ways to fight.

The Following Are Features of Prince of Persia Warrior Within

  • Fight a whole island full of the cruellest, most relentless monsters that only want to hurt people.
  • Change the environments and make your enemies fight each other in a new way.
  • Utilize the first game’s Sands of Time in brand-new ways. As you fight enemies, you can make new, deadly combos.

Details about how it works:

TitlePrince of Persia Warrior Within PS2 ROM download
File Size2.44 GB
RequirementsWindows PC, Playstation 2

Here is where you can get the Prince of Persia Warrior Within PS2 ROM file.

Note: 7z format is used to compress the file. To extract the file, use 7 zip.

What is the PC setup for Prince of Persia: Warrior Within?

With the PCSX2 emulator, you can use the same ISO file to play it on a PC.

Read this post about how to play PS2 games on a PC for a complete guide to setting up PCSX2.

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