Chapter 129 of Nano Machine: The Crown Prince Wins the Battle? Release Date & More

Crown Prince has seen many things over the years. But in Nano Machine Chapter 129, it’s time for him to take charge. He has already fought the most dangerous enemy, so it will be hard for him to deal with Lord on his own. But soon, the situation will change and everyone will have hope that they can rebuild their clan. Some traitors, on the other hand, want to keep fighting and let Lord destroy everything. Read on to find out more.

In the next chapter, Lord will be covered in blood because Crown Prince will have won the battle. But Lord will keep fighting by doing something else that is against the rules. It will lead to the worst thing that could ever happen.

What Will Happen Next in Nano Machine Chapter 129?

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Crown Prince may be able to attack Lord, but he shouldn’t forget that Lord is still alive. The Crown Prince hit Lord with the back of his sword, causing him to lose a lot of blood. From where we are standing, it looks like Lord has lost the game and won’t be able to live any longer. But the voices in his head keep telling him what to do. He hears that he should kill Crown Prince and his followers to get back at him for killing his family.

But Lord will still be confused and hurt. The voice tells him again that he can heal himself by using the divine blood reversal gathering technique. Lord won’t just give up and accept that he lost. Instead, he will use that strategy to fight against Crown Prince. This method will help Lord get better, but it will also drive him crazy. Now he won’t know what’s right, so he’ll keep hitting everyone who comes his way.

A Brief Review!

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Lord Yo Jong used his Qi to control multiple swords at once in Nano Machine Chapter 128. He was able to get them to shoot at the Crown Prince, which made it hard for the Crown Prince to handle the situation. But there was nothing Crown Prince couldn’t handle. He came up with a plan to break all the swords and keep attacking Lord Yo, which upset him. So Lord tried to call up more powers by using all his strength. But he lost control, and the link between his real Qi and the sword that controlled Qi was broken.

Lord was having trouble keeping his mind on one thing, so it was the perfect time for Crown Prince to attack. The demonic reversal technique had begun to mess up his mind. But he still kept his attention on Crown Prince. People started to think that Lord couldn’t deal with Crown Prince and that he should step down from his position. Back to the fight, Crown Prince went toward Lord, but Lord stopped him by throwing concrete pieces. But Crown Prince cut it in half with one hit. With that one hit, he won the battle and knocked Lord to the ground.

Nano Machine Chapter 129: When It Will Come Out

Lord Yo will lose his mind, and the whole clan will be affected. But is Crown Prince up to the job? So far, the manga hasn’t said when it will take a break. So Chapter 129 of Nano Machine will be out on November 5, 2022. You can find it on Kakao page and Naver Webtoon. Keep watching. The Anime Daily will let you know what’s going on.

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