Minecraft Star Dream says that the picture of his face that was leaked was a fake.

Dream is a well-known player of Minecraft. His fans love how crazy he is when he plays Minecraft. On the internet, everyone likes him. But even though he did well in the spotlight, no one knows his face. He doesn’t tell his audience who he is. But in February 2021, he talked about Dream face reveal in an interview with another Minecraft streamer named Kavos. He said that the June 10th face reveal was a fake.

Here is everything you need to know about the Twitter reveal of Dream’s face. Find out if Minecrafter Dream did it or if someone else did.

Dream says that his face-off wasn’t real.

On June 11, Dream went on Twitter to say that the image that went viral and became popular was not of him. People thought he was the one. But he put the rumours to rest. When Dream’s face was shown on Twitter, many people made fun of the guy they thought was Dream because of his body. But Dream said that judging YouTubers based on how they look is stupid and gross.

Even though it wasn’t him, he didn’t like all the bad press about the fake face. Then Dream sent out a second tweet saying that sometimes Twitter can be a funny place. So, he tells people to spread love and good feelings.

Another fake face on Twitter gets caught.

Dream was going to make a joke out of the situation after he shared his thoughts on Twitter. He said he was going to show his face, but instead he showed a picture of a random man made by a computer.

Fans want him to show his face.

After talking about mean people on social media, Dream talked about whether or not he will show his face to fans when he meets them.

Dream said that he is looking forward to it because he loves his fans so much. The gamer said that he will show his face in a way that will be a surprise. Dream said that he wants to do the face reveal next year when he was asked about it. He said it won’t happen until after the corona is gone.

The first thing he wants is for the pandemic to end. He also talked about GeorgeNotFound, his best friend and fellow gamer. When he comes to the US, this friend of Dream’s plans to show his face. So Dream also plans to show his friend his face when he comes. George is currently in the UK.

George is in all of Dream’s videos, so they are very close. The player also said that he won’t show his face on YouTube. He’s going to throw a party for it. Kavos, the interviewer, said that when he shows his face, it will get a lot of attention on social media. But Dream said that the number of people who watch his Minecraft videos is hard to beat. But the player is still not sure if he will use a facecam to play games after the face reveal.


These are Dream’s plans for when he shows his face. You can express yourself on social media. But YouTubers like Dream are telling people to only leave positive comments.

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