Life and family of Andrew Santino: A Detailed Guide

American TV actor, stand-up comedian, and podcaster Andrew Santino is well-known. Additionally, he is well-known for being an American TV artist. He has been an actor for more than ten years and has appeared in a number of well-known productions, including I’m Dying Up Here, Disaster Artist, Mixology, and Sin City Saints. On the other hand, his part in the well-liked TV series Dave is frequently how fans remember him. More Americans than everyone else are his fans. Millions of followers are interested in learning about Andrew’s life, including his age, birthday, occupation, level of education, and many other details. We’ll talk about a couple of them below.

How a person looks

Andrew Santino is 185 cm tall, which is 6 feet 1 inch, and he weighs 70 kg, which is 154 lbs. He is tall enough to be in the group of tall people and has a good body overall.

Age, birth date, and place of birth

Andrew was born in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States, on October 16, 1986. Andrew W. Santino is his full name, and he is 38 years old right now. His star sign is Libra.


Danielle Brooks is Santino’s wife, and they will get married in the middle of 2019. Before they got married, they were dating for a long time, but fans didn’t know about it. The news that they were getting married came as a big surprise to Andrew’s fans, especially the women.

Andrew Santino’s wife is not a well-known person, and it doesn’t look like she has a job or has tried to get one. So her fans find it funny that she stays at home and works as a housewife. With his ex-wife Victoria, he has one son and two daughters. He and Victoria were married in 2012.

Early life, childhood, and schooling

Andrew Santino was raised in an area close to Chicago. When this man was young, he left his family, and his mother had to go through a hard time to raise his only child. Her mother had to work more than one job so that they could stay alive.

His interest in stand-up comedy began when he was in elementary school in River North, where he grew up. So, he started studying and doing stand-up comedy at the same time. Later, he began to sing in nightclubs and other schools. After Santino graduated, he got a job doing stand-up comedy. But he stopped doing stand-up comedy for a few years and went back to school at Arizona State University.

He began performing challenge shows in comedy caf├ęs and other venues where stand-up comedy is performed after he finished school. He felt better about himself as a result of all of these things, and he began to gain recognition. People began to recognize his name. His career really started to take off at this point.

Troubles and a Job

Andrew’s life was full of ups and downs, like when his father left him when he was very young. He had to work hard and take care of many things. He was new to the business and didn’t know anything about what was going on. But because he worked hard and had many skills, he made it to the top.

He worked hard and got money, fame, power, and everything else he wanted. A lot of people look up to him and look up to him as their favorite actor or comedian. Andrew Santino is happy and at peace with his life. Because he wants to keep his private life private, there is no other information about his family. Santino has a net worth of $1.5 million. He made this amount of money by getting better at stand-up comedy.

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