Review of Clarkeio-Na: Real? Clarkeio-Na a fraud or not?

Looking for the Clarkeio Na review so you can find out more about this site? Well, you’re definitely in the right place because this article will tell you more about this online shop. Okay, let’s find out if is a scam or a real business. is what?

It’s an online store that sells clothes and other fashion items like bottoms, accessories, hoodies, and so on. But there are many things you should know about it before you choose it as your shopping destination.

Clarkeio-Na is on our list of questionable sites because it has the following problems:

Address of Business:


On its impact Us page, the name and address of its parent company, TOP LIFESTYLE LIMITED, are given as 212 Horton Road, Datchet, Slough, England, SL3 9HL. And that’s true even if you take a screenshot of the company’s name instead of writing it out directly on their website. Most scam sites give their company’s address. They do this so that no one can find them through a Google search. Search says that this address was a previous address of the residential home (source: kingdom). Other questionable sites, like BowTops, Colelink, Skyiens, SunHanie, ModlilyStyle, Linaville, Zoegal, Astroster, Danaenvy, and so on, use the same parent company’s address and name.

On its Conditions and terms page, it lists the name and address of another parent company as Hetechi Limited: 56 Garrick Drive, London, England, SE28 0EQ. First of all, Google Maps shows that the given address has a residential building, and there is no store or business with the name Hetechi Limited or Clarkeio-Na near or on this address.

Next, we can’t find any proof that the given parent company, Hetechi Limited, is in charge of it. It looks like the organization’s name and address are used on this site at random. It has been found that suspicious sites like SoulmiaCollection, Cassielic, and others use the address and name of this parent company. So, this will make the website very sketchy. So, we won’t do online shopping with this kind of unprofessional company.

Discounts and deals for buyers:

It says that these products will be auctioned off on its website at deep discounts. This is a trick that many scam sites use to get people to fall for their scams.

What was copied: is what

We found that the images of the products used in its product catalogue aren’t original. This means that the website either copied the look from other company websites or is just reselling clothes and other products. Its website has a lot of information, including the theme of the site, which helps with a lot of other sites that have problems.

Returns and Exchange:

It has a Return and Exchange Policy that has been found to be very inconvenient for returning and exchanging items. So, it’s almost impossible to get the full payment from these sites because their rules are hard to understand.

Complaints from Customers and Delivery:

Sites like this one have very bad customer service and long delivery times, according to complaints from people who have bought from sites like this one.

Our Final Verdict:

All of the reasons above are enough to come to the conclusion that Clarkeio-Na is one of the suspicious sites.

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Many of the brand-new internet shops that advertise steep discounts are really simply frauds. Therefore, it’s better to avoid using the new online retailers, or at the very least, conduct some research before making a purchase from one of them. Most of these new online stores don’t send their customers the items they ordered, or they send something completely different or of very low quality. Some fake online stores have even charged customers’ credit cards without their permission. So, if you’ve ever bought something by accident from a scam site, you should call your bank or credit card company right away to protect your credit card information.

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