How to play Blox Fruits and win like a pro

Blox Piece or Blox Fruits is an adventure-RPG game on Roblox based on the anime television series One Piece. The player fights and trains to become a formidable warrior in the game. Blox Fruits provides multiple options for accomplishing this: you can team up to take on monsters, combat waves of foes, or cruise over the ocean in search of hidden secrets.

The game can be somewhat difficult to figure out on your own, especially in the beginning when there are better players around, but don’t give up! Our comprehensive Blox Fruits guide will unleash your inner warrior and make you one of the most formidable players around!

The game play of Blox Fruits

Human, Fishman, Skypian, or Mink will be randomly chosen as your Race upon spawning in the game. This can be altered by paying 90 Robux for a Race Change. You can further personalise your character with weapons and accessories from this point.

As the name suggests, “Devil Fruits” are essential to the gameplay of Blox Piece. You can purchase them from the Blox Fruit Dealer using either of the game’s two currencies, Beli or Robux, using either Beli or Robux. There are three different kinds of fruit: natural, elemental, and mythological.

• Each Paramecia fruit in the game has a substantial amount of damage, but it lacks any special abilities. Bomb, Spike, Chop, Spring, Gum, Barrier, Tremor, String, Paw, Gravity, Dough, and Control are all terms used in this game.

• The game presently contains nine logias, or elemental fruits, a type of fruit that may harness elemental forces to provide distinct passive skills. These include ‘Light,’ ‘Ice,’ ‘Smoke,’ ‘Rumble,’ ‘Dark,’ ‘Sand,’ ‘Flame,’ and ‘Dough’

• Zoan fruits, often known as beast fruits, are a subgroup of Devil Fruits that can actively change a player into an animal or beast at their discretion. These include ‘Buddha,’ which transforms the player into a human buddha, ‘Phoenix,’ which transforms the player into a legendary bird, and ‘Dragon,’ which transforms the player into a fantastical reptile.

The Blox Fruits universe is divided into the Old World and the New World. The Old War is separated by a large ocean into a series of islands and villages. It consists of islands such as Starter Island, Middle Island, Jungle, Pirate Village, Marine Fortress, and Underwater City. In contrast, the New World, sometimes known as the “Second Sea,” was introduced in Update 8 and is accessible to players of Level 700 or higher. It includes the Green Zone, the Graveyard, the Dark Arena, the Snow Mountain, the Cursed Ship, the Ice Castle, and the Forgotten Island, among other major new islands.

Making judicious purchases in Blox Fruits

There are presently five currencies in Blox Fruits, each of which is gained in a different manner and is used to purchase distinct items:


The game’s primary currency is the Beli. There are several ways to get Beli, including killing NPCs, completing Quests, collecting Chests, taking part in Raids, and fighting Bosses. As such, they may be utilised to acquire practically everything, including Weapons, Fruits, and Abilities.


Robux is Roblox’s inter-game premium currency, which can be purchased for real money on the Roblox website. Robux can be used to directly purchase Weapons and Fruits, as well as Beli and other currencies. However, this is rarely suggested, as grinding can be just as simple with the 2x Gamepass.


Fragments are a supplementary currency introduced in Update 11 that are mostly found in the Second Sea. There are various methods to acquire Fragments, including beating bosses, enemy NPCs, raids, and a player with a YouTuber Title.


Microchips are unique passes that must be purchased for 1,000 Fragments from the Smoke Admiral. They are obligated to complete specific raids.


Ectoplasm is a secondary currency that can be gained in a variety of ways, such as by killing certain raid bosses or by looting cursed ship NPCs.

Blox Fruits codes & freebies

To become a Pro in Blox Fruits, you must redeem all codes as soon as they are issued and as early in the game as possible. This will assist you in climbing the ladder and standing out from the throng as quickly as feasible. If you have not yet read our post on Blox Fruits codes, this would be an excellent opportunity to do so. Here is how you may take advantage of the freebies:

Blox Fruits promotional codes provide numerous in-game perks, such as stat rests, titles, beli, and experience boosts.

At the core of the game are RPG mechanics, one of which is experience points, which are required to level up your character’s attributes. The game’s five primary statistics are Melee, Defense, Sword, Gun, and Demon Fruit. To do so, experience points must be spent on level-ups for these products. However, distinct stat upgrade strategies are accessible for certain categories. Obviously, there are situations when you would wish to reset your metrics. There are only three ways to reset your stats: using 75 Robux, 2500 fragments, or a promo code. This can save you either real-world cash or in-game currency.

However, this is not the only method in which promo coupons might help you construct your finest character. In addition, they can provide x2 or x3 experience increases for a limited time. When enabled, these bonuses expedite levelling.

But another feature of RPG gameplay is character customization, and Blox Piece’s Titles play a significant role in this regard. There are presently 113 titles in the game, each obtained by completing a specific in-game objective. Typically, these require a considerable amount of grinding, with objectives like as killing tough raid monsters, completing PvP accomplishments, and unlocking in-game weapons, accessories, and races as prerequisites.

Finally, promotional codes might provide Beli, one of the game’s premier currencies. Although Beli is readily available in-game or can be purchased with Robux, using promo codes is a wonderful way to obtain additional money.

This is it, guys! Everything need to become an expert at Blox Fruits. If you liked this tutorial, check out our similar guides for other Roblox games, like Epic Minigames, Bee Swarm Simulator, and Boku No Roblox. With this knowledge, you will top the leaderboards in any game you play!

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