G-IDLE Prediction for 2022: What Will Happen to G-IDLE?

G-IDLE is one of the kpop girl groups whose return in 2022 is one of the most looked forward to. G-IDLE had a hard year in 2021. They only had one comeback in January, and Soojin had to take a break because he was accused of bullying. Soojin was finally kicked out of G-IDLE in August 2021, and Cube pretty much just threw her away. The other five members all worked on their own projects during this year.

Soyeon made her solo comeback with “Beam Beam” and is a mentor on “My Teenage Girl.” Yuqi made her solo debut with “Bonnie and Clyde” and “Giant.” Minnie and Miyeon have been busy with their acting jobs in their kdramas, and Shuhua has been very active on social media.Soojin has been missing for a whole year.

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Nevies and even people who don’t like G-IDLE are taking part in their comeback, but the question is what Cube will do.

Cube is known for how badly they treat their girl groups. When Hyuna and her friends were in 4Minute, Hyuna and Dawn were kicked out when their relationship became public. Then, with CLC, they pretty much gave up on them after “Helicopter” and didn’t promote the girls much during the rest of their career. Cube hasn’t paid CLC well, and they don’t even have a full record. Now, when G-IDLE first started, they did pretty well, but when Soojin got into trouble, they chose to put out Lightsum.

Many people think that Cube’s newest girl group, Lightsum, came out to take attention away from G-IDLE and Soojin’s scandal. Fans worry that Lightsum will be Cube’s favourite and that he will ignore G-IDLE in favour of them, which is kind of what he has done so far. Before G-IDLE’s return, Lightsum came out and quickly came back. It seems like Lightsum has been pushing everywhere, but fans haven’t been told how G-IDLEs’ comeback is going.

Now, it’s not Lightsum’s fault at all, and I feel sorry for them because they came out to fix Cube’s mistakes. They are doing well and have won two rookie of the year awards, but people still can’t help but wonder if Soojin’s scandal hadn’t happened, if Lightsum would have launched in 2021 or not.

Even though Lightsum seems to be Cube’s favourite girl group right now, G-IDLE is Cube’s biggest group, and everyone in the kpop world is looking forward to their comeback. People are also asking if Soojin will go back to G-IDLE, but I don’t think she will, unfortunately.

Why would Cube throw Soojin out and then let her back in? On top of that, Cube has supposedly been trying to get rid of Soojin since March, and it’s clear that they’re focused on their domestic fans, who hate Soojin, so why would Soojin come back? She would come back and G-IDLE would be ot6 in a perfect world, but I doubt that will happen.

I hope Soojin keeps making songs and we get to see her again, but I don’t think we’ll see her in G-IDLE again.

Concerning the other 5 girls, I think they’ll keep doing their own things until April or May, when they’ll come back with a full record. I think it would be a full album because they need to prove themselves as a five-person group, and G-IDLE was planning a world tour before the pandemic. They have to start over as a five-person group, and Cube wants to get rid of Soojin.

Cube quickly changed the public pictures of G-IDLE and had as much of Soojin as possible cut out of their “Last Dance” music video. They want to market G-IDLE as 5 now, so they might want to put out a lot of songs with just the five. Plus, having a full album will help them get the word out about their world tour and make them more famous.

G-IDLE had a year to make new music, and they possibly have a lot of songs that were meant to be released when they were a six-member group. It seems likely that G-IDLE will put out a full record in 2022. Even if it’s not a full record, G-IDLE’s return will be a big deal. People want to see G-IDLE either remade as a five-person band or finished with all six members.

G-IDLE will have a big year in 2022, and we hope that Cube will be nice to them then.

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