Conclusion: Credit National Assist Scam

As the unemployment rate rises throughout the United States, con artists are always developing new schemes to defraud individuals. Swindlers are growing more clever and use novel techniques to defraud you.

Many Americans have just been informed about the newest internet fraud. Numerous con artists lure folks with the promise of financial assistance and assistance. The victims are getting phoney phone calls from con artists claiming to provide financial aid. However, the contrary is true. They conduct fraud by stealing their personal information.

We will tell you about the most recent Credit National Assist Scam.

What is Credit National Assist exactly?

National Assistance or Credit National Assistance is an agency situated in the United States that offers financial services and is administered by professionals with vast expertise in debt negotiations. The firm focuses on assisting senior citizens with debt management.

This organisation has solid relationships with major credit card issuers, legal firms that handle debt collection, and collection agencies. Additionally, the business’s staff is adept in negotiating with financial institutions in order to assist you eliminate obligations.

The organisation focuses on delivering unsecured non-debt relief solutions and plans that give an appropriate loan modification, which debt counselling and consolidation companies are unable to do.

What is Credit National Assist’s Fraud?

The American public has been made aware of a new fraud associated with Credit National Assist. Voicemails and phone calls from anonymous numbers are received by victims in this scam. They pose as representatives of Credit National Assist Company and provide fraudulent financial support and assistance in paying credit card and other problems.

Numerous individuals have reported receiving persistent phone calls from unfamiliar numbers such as 888-206-4766, 888-675-1360, and others. The Credit National Assist Scam is perpetrated under a variety of aliases. They phone individuals and seek their contact information so that they might obtain financial aid.

If they phone the number and are compelled to provide their personal and confidential information. As a consequence, they get no financial assistance or recognition. Therefore, you should be cautious not to fall for such cons.

How are people responding to this Scam?

As a result of our research, we’ve determined that fraudsters victimise a big number of people, particularly elderly individuals with less awareness of fraud.

Numerous individuals have spoken out about the Credit National Assist Scam and reported receiving four or five calls per day purportedly from Credit National Assist. The con artist promises to give financial help, but they demand your personal details to process the aid.

Many individuals have even gotten voicemails from calls claiming to be Credit National Assist Company staff. They instruct them to call again to acquire the pre-approved financial help.


By using the credit National Assist scam, fraudsters are targeting victims around the United States. However, it is recommended not to provide any information to unfamiliar callers without first verifying their credentials. Besides,

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