Where Is Casey Anthony Now In 2022? What Caylee Anthony’s Mother Is Doing After Prison

Find out what Casey Anthony is doing now, more than ten years after she was found not guilty.

When she was accused of killing her 3-year-old daughter Caylee, the whole country was shocked.

In the new documentary Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies, she speaks out on camera for the first time since she was arrested. Anthony tells her side of the story, putting most of the blame for Caylee’s death on her father, George. She also shows what her life has been like since the trial and media storm. Here is everything we know about her as of 2022.

In 2022, where is Casey Anthony now?

She works as an assistant to a lawyer and also does work in accounting. Alexandra Dean, who is in charge of the Where the Truth Lies show, told BuzzFeed News that Anthony has a “small life” with a close friend and a small group of trusted family and friends, which includes her former defence team. Dean also said that Casey still talks to her mother and brother, but added, “She doesn’t talk to them often, and I wouldn’t call their relationship close, but they do talk.”

Casey doesn’t talk to her father, George, because she says he sexually abused her as a child, which she thinks he may have done to Caylee as well.

What did Casey Anthony do for a living?

She works as a legal assistant for Patrick McKenna at the moment. In 2020, she filed paperwork to start Case Research & Consulting Services LLC, her own private detective agency. She used to try to make a living as a photographer, but she was bothered by people online, so she switched to investigating.

What is Casey Anthony’s age?

The 19th of March, 1986, is she’s birthday. At the time this was written, she was 36.

How does Casey Anthony now look?

Today, she looks like a more put-together version of the girl the world saw on camera during her trial. She has the same long, straight hair, but the colour is darker and richer, and now that she’s not in jail, she can wear makeup and look better all around.

where is casey anthony now

What is the link between Casey Anthony and Patrick McKenna?

During Casey Anthony’s trial, Patrick McKenna was in charge of finding evidence for the defence. After her murder trial, she was found not guilty and sent to prison for lying to police. After her trial, Anthony went to work in his office and even lived with his family for a while. BuzzFeed News says that she works as an assistant attorney at McKenna’s firm and also does accounting work.

where is casey anthony now

Whom does Casey Anthony marry?

She is not currently married and has never been married.

Do Casey Anthony’s kids live with her?

Casey Anthony has never had any kids. She told the Associated Press in 2017 that she probably wouldn’t have any more kids, saying, “I don’t think I could live with that if I was dumb enough to have another kid knowing that some little snot-nosed kid might say something mean to my kid.”

Was Casey Anthony found guilty?

Casey Anthony was not found guilty of killing her daughter Caylee. She was found guilty of four misdemeanour counts of giving false information to police because she lied to them while they were looking into Caylee’s death.

How much money does Casey Anthony have?

Celebrity Net Worth says that she has a net worth of around $10,000. After her trial, she had a lot of trouble with money. Anthony filed for bankruptcy in 2013, saying she had no income and only $1,000 in assets. She owed $792,000 in debts, including $500,000 to her lawyer Jose Baez and $145,660.21 to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Where are the parents of Casey Anthony now?

Casey Anthony’s parents, George and Cindy Anthony, are still together and continue to reside in Florida. People heard from a source about Cindy, “A lot of the time, she is still angry. This grandmother was very kind, but she had to deal with family problems that no one should ever have to face. She consequently still becomes very upset when she brings up Casey and Caylee.”

According to reports, George wrote Casey a letter in 2018 in the hopes that they could reconcile, but she hasn’t spoken to him since.

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