Be careful where you shop if you buy clothes online

They look like great deals for trendy clothes that show up in your social media feed. Some of these ads have millions of likes, but many of the sites also have hundreds of complaints.

The Federal Trade Commission has received these complaints. Many shoppers say they never got what they ordered or that they can’t send back clothes they say are “bad quality.”

Kelly Schwartz spent more than $70 on Bellelily for four dresses that she bought there. Only one package was sent.

“When I put it on, it was just like a shirt. It was so small that I don’t think my child could have worn it “she told me.

It’s been more than a year since then. The other three dresses were nowhere to be found. Schwartz gave up trying to get her money back in the end.

“I just gave up because I was so angry,” she said.”

When Schwartz bought something from Bellelily, there wasn’t much feedback on social media. Now, people are speaking out to warn other shoppers. People have said everything from “bad quality” and “wrong size” to “I won’t return anything!”

Sister station to ABC15 TMJ4 bought clothes from four companies that all had the most complaints filed against them with the FTC and a rating of F from the Better Business Bureau. All of the items had problems with size and quality.


In the last three years, more than 650 people have complained to the FTC about Rosegal. The fabric used to make the clothes TMJ4 tested was not very good.

Then, TMJ4 tried out SAMMYdress. The FTC has received more than 730 complaints about it. The shirt, which cost $13, was too short. The jeans that cost $17 weren’t much better.

A $16 blouse from Dresslily wasn’t made with the best material, and the sleeves are too short. And the $22 dress didn’t fit right at the seams. Nearly 500 people have complained to the FTC about Dresslily.

Schwartz ended up filing a complaint with the BBB, which said it has been getting a lot more reports like this. Schwartz hopes that people will do their homework before they pay.

One of the main things people don’t like about these websites is that you can’t return anything to get your money back. Three of the four websites where TMJ4 placed an order are owned by the same Chinese company. TMJ4 was told that they would get their money back and don’t have to send the clothes back.

Customer care managers for Rosegal, SAMMYdress, and Dresslily said, “We’re proud to solve each customer’s problem to their satisfaction.” They also said that the items on the websites come from third-party sellers, and that happy customers have given the products thousands of ratings.

Schwartz filed a complaint against a company, but when we asked them about it, they didn’t answer.

How to file a grievance:

Call 1-877-FTC-HELP to reach the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Response Center (1-877-382-4357)

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