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Blox Fruits is a popular Roblox game that continues to get new weaponry, monsters, and other content updates. It’s an action-adventure game in which you must choose between becoming a pirate or marine (which has no effect other than determining your squad) before entering a large map filled with stuff to find. As you explore the map, you will encounter opponents to fight, NPCs to converse with, and stores to buy items from.

Your objective is to become the most powerful user on the map by gaining levels and locating fruits that aid you in your quest. There are many various sites to which you may go, but some of them need you to be at a certain level in order to enter. This is to enhance the game’s plot, which is based on anime mythology. You may set off on a boat or ship to visit these many islands and follow the plot, allowing you to discover new Blox Fruits to employ. To follow this narrative, you may need some assistance determining the different places and understanding the NPCs.

Depending on the team you choose, you will be placed on a different starting island. The starting island for both the Pirates and Marines requires a level between 0 and 10. There is not much of interest in the surrounding area!

Then, you should go to the northeast and explore the different landmarks in the first sea.


Starter Island

Depending on the team you choose, you will start on your respective starting island.

Non-Player Characters on Marine Starter Island:

Two Marines Boat Merchants

  • 1 Luxury Boat Merchant
  • 1 Marines Advanced Boat Dealer
  • 1 Blox Fruit Dealer
  • 1 Sword Merchant (who sells Katanas and Cutlasses for $1,000 apiece).
  • You are a Marine Leader with a desire to beat five recruits (for $350 and 250 experience).
  • Trainee (level 5)
  • Set Spawn Point NPC Pirate Recruiter (in case you want to switch teams)

Inventory NPC Pirate Starter Island NPCs:

  • 2 Boat Dealers
  • 1 Luxury Boat Merchant
  • 1 Blox Fruit Dealer
  • 1 Sword Merchant (who sells Katanas and Cutlasses for $100 each).
  • You’ve been tasked by a Bandit to kill five Bandits; your payout is $250 and 250 experience.
  • Bandit (level 5)
  • Configure Spawn Point NPC Pirate Recruiter (in case you want to switch teams)
  • Inventory Instructions NPC\s


From the Starter Island Dock, go north-northeast to reach the Jungle, which takes levels 15 to 30 to enter. This is the first island you will want to explore.

You may attempt to acquire Blox Fruit from an NPC Adventurer in this region, who is both a Quest Giver and Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin.

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Pirate Village

You may reach the Pirate Village from there by heading north-northeast from the Jungle Dock. This region needs level 30 to level 60.

A Sword Dealer of the West may be found in Pirate Village, selling Dual Katana and Iron Mace. The Black Leg Teacher may also be found in Hot and Cold, Second Sea, and castle on the Sea in addition to this region. They market a combat technique.

The NPC Rich Man, who is crucial to the tale, may be found next to the Sword Merchant. He is the son of the Sick Man and provides you with the mission to defeat the Mob Leader.


Desert may be found by traveling eastward from the Pirate Village dock. This zone is accessible from levels 60 through 90.

Middle Town

By returning to the Starter Island and traveling in the other direction, you may reach the Middle Town. This island requires a level of 100 to access.

Blox Fruit is sold by a variety of NPCs in Middle Town. These NPCs offer a variety of products, including weapons and inventory, in addition to Blox Fruit. Moreover, one of the NPCs in this region has the very powerful Dark Blade V2 quest. The NPC you seek, Robotomeg, may be found in the home with the green roof. The quest Son Quest for Dark Blade V2 is held by this NPC. Here, in the Secret Green Roof House, you will find the King Red Head. The Second Sea NPC is present as well.

During the holidays, there are additional Christmas NPCs in this neighborhood.

Frozen Village

Returning to Starter Island and then traveling towards the center of the planet will lead you to the Frozen Village. This takes 90 to 120 levels to access.

Marine Fortress

From the Frozen Village docks, it is possible to reach the Marine Fortress by traveling north. This zone has a level requirements between 120 and 150.


Going west from the Frozen Village Dock will lead you to the Prison. This location has a level requirement of 190 to 275.


From the Frozen Village Dock, it is possible to reach the Colosseum by traveling east. This zone is accessible from levels 225 through 300.

Magma village

If you return to the Marine Fortress, you will see the Magma Village as a floating island just behind it. This zone needs a minimum level of 300 to enter.

Submerged City

The Underwater city may be reached by returning to the Frozen village Dock and then traveling south. The entrance to the city may be found close to the World’s Edge. This region is accessible from levels 374 through 450.


On the floating island just behind the Colosseum lies Fountain City. Entering Fountain City demands a level between 625 and 700.

After discovering everything in the First Sea, you may explore the Second Sea (also referred to as the New World), which has 10 different landmarks. Before you may access this place, you must complete the objectives from the Military Detective NPC in the Prison POI.


Empire of Rose

Kingdom of Rose is the first island seen in the Second Sea. Levels 700 to 850 are required to enter this section.

Green Zone

The Green Zone may be reached by traveling north-northwest from the Kingdom of Roses Dock. This section is accessible from levels 875 to 925.


From the Kingdom of Roses Dock, go west to reach the Graveyard. This region needs a score between 950 and 975 to access.

Warm and Cool

Traveling north from the Graveyard Dock will lead you to the Hot and Cold region. This region is accessible from levels 1100 to 1200.

Ice Castle

The Ice Castle may be found by traveling north from the Dark Arena Dock. This region is accessible from levels 1350 to 1400.

Dark Arena

Traveling north-northeast from the Kingdom of Roses Dock will lead you to the Dark Arena. This zone needs a minimum level of 1000 to enter.

Forgotten Island

From the Green Zone pier, you may reach the Forgotten Island by traveling north. This region is accessible at levels 1425 through 1475.

Once you reach level 1500 or above, you may explore the seven Third Sea islands.

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Sea of Treats

Traveling north-northeast from the Great Tree Dock will lead you to the Sea of Treats. This region requires a level between 2075 and 2275 to enter.

Haunting Castle

The Haunted Castle is located northwest of the Sea Dock Castle. This region is accessible at levels 1975 through 2075.

That concludes the Blox Fruits map! We have a few Blox Fruits tips that are guaranteed to be helpful to new players, so make sure to check them out.

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