Apps You Do Not Need on Your Android Phone Listed Below

Do you love mobile apps? And you can’t even imagine your smartphone without these apps on the Home screen and other screens? But you hate it when your Android phone starts to slow down all of a sudden, right?

Sometimes, the apps you love the most are the ones that are slowing down your phone. We know that you need apps like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, but did you know that these apps use too much power? But we can’t ask you to get rid of these apps because they do important things and we need them. But we can definitely tell you about the apps that don’t do much and just fill up your phone with useless stuff. Many of these apps have ads that aren’t fair, and they can also be infected with malware.

Apps for clearing cache and improving performance

First on our list are the so-called “cleaner apps,” which claim to get rid of junk files on your phone. To be honest, they do clear (some of) the cache left by apps you’ve deleted, but you can do that without these cleaners. To delete cached data, go to your device’s settings, click on storage, and then click on cached data. When you click on the cached data, you’ll see a message asking you to clear cached data. Tap OK to clear that data.

Keep in mind that the ads on these apps will also use up your mobile data. As they do their jobs, these apps also use a lot of battery power. We think you should get rid of these apps if you want your smartphone to work better.

AntiVirus apps

We’re sure you’ve heard of these so-called “AntiVirus” apps. And many of you probably put them in to make your home even safer. But your Android already has the parts it needs to do the things these apps say they can do. With the Android Device Manager app, which comes with every Android device, you can track your device.

Also, the Google Play Store looks for hidden malware in apps so that your device doesn’t get hurt. These AntiVirus apps are only useful if you download apps from places other than the Play Store, which we don’t think many users do. But we don’t recommend that you download apps from places other than the Play Store, because doing so could put your device at risk.

Like other unwanted apps, these AntiVirus apps are full of useless ads and use your battery in an unfair way.

Apps that save power

Apps that claim to save battery life, like DU Battery Saver, make a lot of empty promises. We tried these apps, and we can tell you that they don’t really help you get the most out of your phone’s battery. Sometimes, these apps don’t do what they’re supposed to because they keep shutting down background apps, which makes the battery work harder. As many of the apps that use a lot of power and run in the background tend to open again. All of this closing and reopening makes RAM work harder, which uses up more battery power.

Also, we want to let you know that these apps don’t have much control over how Android works, so they can’t control how much battery is used. All of the things they say in their ads are nonsense, and we haven’t found them to be useful.

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Apps for weather

This is another app that you don’t need because Google’s weather widget does the same thing. Every Android device has a weather widget that you can use to find out what the weather will be like. These third-party apps, like Go Weather, don’t have anything special about them, except that their weather forecast animations are pretty cool.

There are also a lot of annoying ads on these weather apps. A lot of battery power is also used by the constant animations in these apps. So, we think you should get rid of them right away.

Apps for Photo Editors and Collages

We all have these apps on our phones and tablets. But unfortunately, these apps are often full of malware and ads that you don’t want to see. Even though Google’s own tool for editing photos is pretty cool, we end up installing these apps to get more effects. Well, we’d like to point out that even though we think these apps are cool, they’re not good for the smartphone because they use more battery power.

It would be better if you could use the image editor that comes with Google. Google has changed the way the editing tool looks, and you might like it even more than these apps.


The apps listed above are just a few examples. There are other apps you should also get rid of. To get rid of apps you don’t want on your phone, just look at the apps you have installed and choose the ones you don’t use very often. Many of these apps that are rarely used use up a lot of battery and mobile data. You can also find out which apps use the most battery by going to your device’s battery settings. The page shows a list of the apps that use the most power. In the same way, you can check the settings menu’s “data usage” page to see which apps use the most of your mobile data.

Also, you can always try out the other apps that do the same thing as the one you need to get rid of because it uses up too much space.

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